Everything started to go haywire, It seemed like life was no more left to be lived, or cherished. Everything seemed to go smoothly, right from the delicacies provided at the College Farewell to the last minutes I Spent with my pals. Hearing the song ‘With or without you’, by U2, put me in a dilemma, whether to enjoy the lyrics or feel the emptiness in the music. The day came to an end. Everyone wished me luck and to all the others. The College Dean awarded all of us with certificates and a memento for graduating from college. It was the first day ever I wore Formals to the college, and the ladies seemed to turn their eyes towards me, but that was just another thought that came across my mind. Alas! What more could you expect from an antisocial Introvert.

Life moved on, I had begun preparing for Interviews at different companies. Be it a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), An Advertising agency, Media Agency, Digital Marketing Agency, or freelancing, everything seemed worthless according to my qualification. I was too dumb at that moment to realize that there’s a level 0 to every entity in this world. Be it in a professional or any ambiguous perspective. As a headstart, I received a little help before I began. My parents and some of my senior friends (Friends, but way too above my age group) were those people. Advice on how can I apply for any job or have a strong mental stature were some of my teachings. But still, I couldn’t find a connection between all these.

Though every person whom I met tried to motivate me; persuaded me to get productive and start utilizing my time, I didn’t have the slightest ambition to make money. I received money from my parents and was able to do whatever I wanted with that money, hence I wished to remain casual. Not having the slightest idea of what money is and what it can do? I remained overconfident and left struggling for jobs.


My dream or maybe goal was to become a Musician. And communicate to those huge crowds I would be facing, through my music. It seemed that was just faint candlelight in a dense forest. It could disappear at any moment. But to do that I needed money and where will that money come from? Hence began the story of my life…


Luckily, somehow I managed to get a job at a Local BPO in Noida, UP. Everyone seemed nice in the office, but only until the training period. When I started taking calls from various types of people all across India. Frankly speaking, there’s no problem in taking calls. But the issues and complaints made me think otherwise. Some people were filthy rich whereas some were local vendors who hardly earned a mere 1000 INR in a day. But the worst part was the content we had to speak/reply to the merchant


To be blunt, Lies and false expectations were the only things we could provide as a resolution to the people. Anything else, and You are fired within 3 days. Telling lies to a person who deserves to hear nothing but lies only is okay with me. But to people who deserve to know the truth or in the case of merchants, the status of their transactions is what I had expected to do in the job. Because that was what was taught to us during our training period, to use soft skills and convince the merchants in a call. I guess I am an idiot because I didn’t hear anyone from my batch telling about speaking framed lies to merchants. Or maybe I had hearing problems. Since everyone claimed and acknowledged the fact that our trainer had advised us about lying and all that was related to it.

Still, I was happy enough that I would get some amount of money, that too of telling lies! (Sarcastic smiles).  The metaphor of water getting spilled, when pouring more water in a fully filled glass of water, started to hover through my mind and body as well! It was as if, a benchmark for my patience level had been set. I couldn’t deal with telling lies to merchants. And the curse words/slangs/abusive language that we were forced to hear and keep our mouths shut was already a job in itself. So I decided to leave the job, after 2 months of working there. I got a salary for the first time in my life and was happy with it. And last but not the least, the people I met there were flawless, be it on a personal or a professional level, they were very helpful and indeed friendly.


What I decided to do was get a tattoo done, gift my parents something and feed hungry/needy people in my locality. And I was able to do that. As my first job ever, it was a disastrous experience, but I got to learn two things:

  1. How To Increase my patience and deal with any kind of person on this planet.
  2. How to frame and tell lies to a person (in such a way that the lie itself seems like the truth)


With these two learnings, I moved on, and understood the purpose of my life, from then onwards. No more would I be wasting money on stupid things. The short-term goal was to buy a Drum-kit from the salaries that I would be getting from jobs. The long-term goal was to establish me as a Drummer. Not just a drummer, but the best in the Universe. And Alas! This Godforsaken dream is all I have with me to reach where I want to!




Drummer| NLP Practitioner| Tech Blogger| RPG Gamer| Public Speaker| Metalhead| Cinephile| Audiophile| Otaku| Techie| Gym Freak


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