About Me

Bingewidmo.com is a blog made by a person known as Mohsin Alqab, who is a student pursuing mass communication from Delhi.

The blog mainly focus on Travel, Food, Lifestyle, self-help and music will be taken into consideration

In this blog, viewers will get the pleasure to surf through information, latest news/discussions, and possibilities and rise questions/doubts whenever they feel like about any of the topic which will be concentrated in the blogs.

But most importantly, since the website is of a bingeing appeal, viewers get the freedom to choose whatever they find interesting and concerning to their beliefs.

Hence, Carpe Diem!

Mind Behind Bingewidmo

Mohsin Alqab is a practising musician who plays the drum set, NLP practitioner and a seasoned speaker currently enrolled under a personality cum self-development club known as ‘Toastmasters International’. Also having a part-time hobby of cooking and exploring various cuisines, it is a promise from the man himself, that the blogs which shall be visible in the website will not just be click-bait. A drummer by passion and future profession, he intends to connect people through music, whether it sounds good or bad !!

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