Indian Telecom Users need true 4G first, and then can think of 5G


Indian Telecom users need to be at the forefront with their 4G offerings and not just focus on 5G aggressively.

While one operator (BSNL) in India, almost has a non-existent 4G subscriber base, another one (Vodafone Idea) is losing subscribers quite fast. Since 5G is going to be the next big thing, the telcos, and consumers both are focussing more on 5G than 4G.

The truth of the matter is, Indian telecom Netizens, can survive with ease without 5G networks if they get rue 4G speeds wherever they are. The telecom service providers, (TSPs) need to work on multiple areas if they want to offer better 4G services to their users. Focussing more on 5G for better speeds isn’t what the country needs as of now.


What Role Should GOI play in this?

The Government of India needs to show its support towards operators if it wants the Indian consumers to be able to experience the true potential of 4G. More financial pressure should not be forced upon cash-strapped telcos such as Vodafone Idea (Vi).

The government could have relaxed the Adjustment Gross Revenue (AGR) dues for the entire industry by some percentage instead of burdening the telcos with thousands of crores as a liability at a time when there is a serious need for Capex to spend on networks and spectrum.

If Vi had the money to invest in expanding its 4G network coverage, the telco would see great positives in the medium-term. Due to the losing subscribers primarily because of the low network coverage, users are shifting towards the networks of Jio and Airtel that promise a far better coverage than Vi.

In turn, the 4G networks of Jio and Airtel are getting congested. The newly added spectrum resource should also allow both Jio and Airtel to increase their network capacity; however, we should still be away from true 4G.


Network Quality needs Improvement

Telcos need to invest and re-invest heavily on their 4G networks to expand reach and capacity throughout India. Without that, users will be struck with average quality 4G networks and will keep waiting for 5G to come.

5G will be capable of offering the kinds of speeds, that users in India, don’t really need. In reality, 5G will initially be advantageous for IoT, Industry of applications 4.0, and other such related things. Any average user in India can do almost everything with his/her 4G network if they get true 4G speeds.


When will India be gifted with the true 4G?

As a matter of fact, Indians do not have even the slightest idea of how fast 4G truly is. It’s because of the government, the telcos, and inadequate/meager smart planning for big cities. In articles posted before and from several sources, it was claimed that Vodafone Idea (Vi) and BSNL ‘s comeback in the market could truly change how the Indians consume 4G, which is Ironclad as of today also.

5G plans would be unnecessary for most of us and would be much expensive than our day-to-day 4G plans. Thus, it is recommended that all the ISPs should push to offer a true and better 4G network experience to the customers instead of rushing to release 5G services.

With all the 4 Titans (Jio, Vi, Airtel, BSNL) in the 4G Arena, users would get more options and the market would evolve into a better place for the customers.



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