R.O.G which stands for Republic of Gamers, a variant of gaming laptops designed and manufactured by the Behemoth Computing Brand, ASUS has launched a new project of theirs in the form of a laptop named ‘Zephyrus’. It specializes in gaming devices, accessories and laptops/PCs.
As the Name itself says it, this laptop is built for Gamers. With additional features that would serve a purpose for the innovative/creative personalities out there, known as Designers. Fact is, this laptop will be aimed at providing the best specs a laptop can have at a very light, elegant and professional design.  
Claiming to be the world’s most powerful 35.56 cm(14 inch), he ROG Zephyrus Z14 comes packed with the Windows 10 Home edition. With an uncanny 8-core AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS CPU and the hulk of a graphics card, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q GPU it claims the title of a certified Beast. It is packed with a 16 GB System Memory(RAM) and a 1 TB solid state drive(SSD)
Also, it can be customized according to the preference of the users. Where we get to choose either a 120 Hz gaming display, where gamers see a whole new level of FPS(Frames per second) and an undisputed PPI(pixels per Index) or a high resolution WQHD panel, both Pantone certified for superb color accuracy. Equipped with quad speakers, pumping an indomitable Dolby Atmos sound, it is the perfect ‘cherry on the cake’ for immersive experience of films, games, music and more.

The laptop comes in 2 different colors, ‘The Metallic Eclipse Gray’ and the ‘Pearlescent Moonlight White‘ The clean aesthetic look is the only factor that makes it different from other Gaming laptops. It looks like a normal guy like Bruce Banner but inside, there’s the ‘‘HULK’ 
Another new feature which makes it stand apart in the crowd(gaming laptops) is the new customizable display panel on the laptop. ROG claims to call it the ‘Anime Matrix’ display, where users get the anime vibes in a laptop. It is fully customizable, which claims to have a ground breaking display made up of 1,215 individual mini LEDs that can be used to display custom images, animations that express the user’s creativity and audio visualizations that match music playback. Also, ROG claims to bring in more developments to this, where we can enable our daily notifications to be displayed on the laptop. 
Wondering about its price ? As a matter of fact, you might be surprised to hear that it does cost a fortune, but is cheaper than most gaming laptops. The base model, i.e., the variant which most people would go for buying comes at a price of Rs. 80,990 /- 
The prices may vary according to the specs you have preferred to opt for, where it can go up to maximum of $1,450, which in Indian currency would be around Rs.1,10,990/-
Truth is, if you go to buy Gold, Diamonds or any other expensive jewelry , you got to pay a handsome amount of money for that. Which might make our hearts pump a little faster than usual. Subjectively speaking,  the money you would pay for this beast, won’t be a waste at all. 
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9 thoughts on “THE NEW HULK: ZEPHYRUS G14

  1. Read it♥️ nice piece.It sure is a beast.what do you think would have been better? The lastest gen i7 or this AMD ryzen 9 to compliment the best gpu? And whoa 1tb ssd, Asus sure have given out the best specs for gamers.

    1. Ryzen is better in the Gaming department, whereas Intel opts versatility everywhere. Since the ZEPHYRUS G14 is a Gaming laptop, Ryzen has just set up a new benchmark asa whole for The GPU enthusiasts.

  2. Fantastic review! For gamers and tech savvy person,this highly sophisticated laptop will definitely attract buyers after such a short crispy review with so many inputs.
    Keep writing!

  3. Really nice review. Detailed and well written. I was looking for a gaming laptop under 1 lakh and was considering this specific model. Its cleared some of my doubts.

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